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Monthly Favourites

April Favourites

April has been a good month for me. It saw me being productive, goal-oriented and very focused. Things that I am not particularly great at but I am glad that it was the way it was. The highlight was a massive 4+kg weight loss! Even that doesn’t happen often. But […]


March (Shopping) Madness

This month I may have shopped a bit more than I planned for. It’s perhaps the result of no-spend Feb that I went CRAZY shopping this month. Sorry, bank balance! In my defence, I needed most of the things I had bought. Plus, they were cute! I love an in-store […]


My Top 6 Tokyo Food Finds

When I finalised my trip to Tokyo, which by the way was quite last minute, the first thing I did was looking up all the food. Tokyo is touted as one of the most exciting food destinations in the world, and you can you imagine my joy when I found […]


March Favourites

The past month, I’ve shopped up a storm. You’ll know if you checked out my Shopping Haul post. There are other things besides shopping that I’ve also done including a trip to Japan! No prizes for guessing that my holiday featured in this month’s favourite alongside a few others. Business […]


New Beginnings…

Kitchening About started as a Facebook Page or a micro food blog as I’d like to call it in 2013. I sincerely believe that there is nothing that good food can’t make better. I associate food with some of the best memories in life.  I even go to bed excited about […]


Aloo Methi

This Punjabi dish is a marriage of earthy potatoes and aromatic methi (fenugreek leaves). When combined with spices, they make the perfect combination. Methi’s specialty is its bitterness but don’t be put off by it, the potatoes and spices beautifully complement the flavour. The nutritious green leaves and add so […]

Monthly Favourites

February Favourites

Love the idea of monthly favourites, which is a good chance to recommend some interesting things/movies/TV shows/ books/blogs and much more that I’ve loved in a particular month and share it with you all. I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers and bloggers on board this monthly favourites and I’ve benefited […]

Gluten Free, No-cook Recipes, Salads

Orange and Fennel Salad

Juicy, sweet oranges add a burst of freshness and marry well with spicy and nutty fennel. With complementing ingredients like feta, fresh salad greens and onions, this salad is a sensational addition to a great meal. It is sweet, salty, zesty and nutty all at once. Tips: Add/omit ingredients depending […]