New Beginnings…

Kitchening About started as a Facebook Page or a micro food blog as I’d like to call it in 2013. I sincerely believe that there is nothing that good food can’t make better. I associate food with some of the best memories in life.  I even go to bed excited about the next day’s meals! I LOVE food. Period. In the quest to make my life better – I cooked, created and shared recipe that I love!

Turns out, I am not alone in that special kinda love. I am surrounded by people who share my love for food, which honestly makes it that much more fun! For me though, there was one little problem with loving food THAT much! Yes, the dreaded weight gain. It was beginning to change my relationship with food; from absolutely loving it, I feared food. I slowly started researching healthy foods, and hated the idea of just living on salads and insipid food.

I dug deep and realised that we are/were taught wrong about healthy foods. Brands, elders and even influential ‘health’ professionals thrust us with ideas about food that are unhealthy to begin with. It took me a long period of enlightenment to wrap my brain around the fact that healthy foods don’t have to taste like cardboard. You can in fact nourish your body with great-tasting food after all! Since then, I have been  on a quest to create healthy, simple and delish recipes that will make you savour food and not fear it! That also means eating a few naughty meals every now and then. Life is all about balance.

Speaking of which…

I’m sure a lot us agree that life is all about balance, which is one of the reasons I am making Kitchening About a lifestyle blog instead of food-focused space. The said deep love for food had to take a break for over a year because life happened and I needed to take care of other things that needed priority. No regrets on that account because that break has given me a chance to think deep on the direction I wanted to steer Kitchening About.

It was also during the break that I worked on my weight loss and spending some criminal amounts of time on Instagram (which by the way if you’re not on, you must totally get on board!). I am on Insta as @Kitcheningabout, and that was where I’ve been sharing a lot about my weight loss, book recommendations, hauls and all the fun stuff that’s going on in my life.

I was absolutely thrilled to see the response for all the things I was posting (including food)! I was surprised at the interest in the things I have been sharing on Insta. Clearly, people especially enjoy my hauls, book recommendations and even my weight loss update! Never did I imagine that my rather boring life would garner interest. That’s when I realised that may be, just may be I must take Kitchening About to a larger audience who may also enjoy these things I share about my life.

So here I present to you Kitchening About in a new avatar with everything about food, books, life, fitness and more!

If you have followed me on Facebook and Instagram before, a big thank you and virtual hugs for the support, encouragement and love. Thanks to all of you who wrote asking me to make a come back. It feels nice to not be ‘out of sight, out of mind’!

For my new followers, welcome to this happy, crazy and (hopefully) fun space! 🙂

Here’s to new beginnings!

PS: Feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts about my page.

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