March Favourites

The past month, I’ve shopped up a storm. You’ll know if you checked out my Shopping Haul post. There are other things besides shopping that I’ve also done including a trip to Japan! No prizes for guessing that my holiday featured in this month’s favourite alongside a few others.


Smoothie Bombs

If you love smoothies and love to start your day with some liquid nutrition, you’ll love Smoothie Bombs. What are they you may ask. They are small balls of boosters for your smoothies; they make your smoothies extra delicious and nutritious. Icing in the cake is that they are certified organic, which means no nasties! They make a nice energy ball type snack for those 3 PM hunger pangs!

The Australian business, run by an inspiring mother-daughter duo and boss ladies came to be from humble beginnings. Smoothie Bombs offer 6 yummy flavours and take the thinking out of jazzing up the smoothies. You can pick from single tubes of each flavour, which makes 5 smoothies or the bulk packs of the variants.

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Creep on Netflix

Creep is an independent American movie, which is everything the title suggests it is.

Josef places an ad for a videographer to record him all day. Low on cash and answering the ad for the one-day job on Craigslist is Aaron, a videographer. He goes all the way to a remote mountain his client lives. At the start, Josef’s project seems harmless and sincere but as the day progresses, Aaron realises that everything is not as it seems.

The plot is brilliant, the screenplay even better. The protagonists have brought the creep factor alive in the movie. You’ll be hooked till the very end. Shocking piece of brilliance – that’s what the movie is!

If you have enjoyed this and could deal with more, there is Creep 2 also on Netflix.



Tokyo, Japan

The trip to Tokyo was unplanned and was last minute. But the best holidays are the ones that you just decide to pack and leave, no? I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by the city as much as I did. I was in Tokyo for 5 days, and no that wasn’t enough. In my short stay, I managed to cover some of the major attractions and even had my very first Disneyland experience!

Besides Tokyo Disneyland, I fell delightfully in love with this gorgeous place called Asakusa also where the Senso-ji temple is located. Another highlight was that we caught a glimpse of the sakura season AKA Japanese Cherry Blossom! Also ticked a few boxes by seeing the Hachiko statue, the Shibuya Crossing and more. I also got to taste some new foods, which you can read all about here.

Tokyo has notched right up to the top spot in my favourite cities of the world and will travel again someday to explore the city and country more.


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God’s Plan by Drake

Although I’ve been listening to the song since early February on the radio, something has got me hooked to it and have listened to it on a loop all of March!

One day, I came across a meme about people reacting after watching God’s Plan video and wanted to check what the fuss was about. And boy was I in for a treat! The song is incredible but the video even more so. Drake is one helluva surprise package and an all-around great guy I suppose.

If you love heart-warming and feel-good videos, you must totally check it out. Can’t get enough of it. At this rate, this may be a regular feature in all the coming months until I’m super bored of it!

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