Keto Friendly Kesari

Happy Deepavali! Hope you are having the most amazing one with family and loved ones.

This deepavali, I was stumped for ideas for sweets to consume while on the keto lifestyle. I even toyed with the idea of having the Choc Chia Pudding or Berries & Cream Chia Pudding but what’s an Indian festival without an Indian sweet, ey?

After a quick squiz in the fridge and pantry, I realised that I could put together a simple yet yummy kesari. In my home, growing up, kesari was one of those quick-fix sweets for when guests arrived unexpectedly or when that sweet craving hits at an ungodly hour. Not much has changed clearly with the whole last-minute sweet scrambling!

I was mighty pleased with the final output. So presenting to you the keto kesari for the sweet factor to your healthy meals without hampering your macros.

Serves: 3


  • Almond Meal (Natural) – 250 g
  • Coconut Flour – 125g
  • Cardamom pods – 4, crushed coarsely
  • Paneer – 75g, grated
  • Saffron strands (optional) – 1 pinch
  • Ghee – 3 tblspns + 1 tblspn
  • Liquid stevia – 4 drops, or as required


  1. Soak saffron strands in a tablespoon of warm water for 15 minutes. Keep aside.
  2. Heat 3 tablespoons ghee in a pan
  3. Once hot, add crushed cardamom, almond meal and coconut flour.
  4. Work swiftly to ensure there are no lumps. Ensure the almond and coconut flour are coated in the ghee.
  5. Keep roasting them in medium heat for 3 to 5 minutes.
  6. Toss in grated paneer and combine the ingredients well.
  7. Keep stirring the mix for another minute or so.
  8. Pour the saffron-infused water and give it a mix.
  9. Finally, add the liquid stevia.
  10. Mix well and keep stirring while allowing the kesari to cook for another 2 minutes.
  11. Once done, transfer to a serving bowl and serve warm with a dollop of ghee on top!


  1. You could add nuts like cashews and slivered almonds in the kesari. I didn’t have unsalted ones, so didn’t add any.
  2. Powdered stevia will do the job, if you can’t get your hands on the liquid variant.
  3. I love the coconut flour addition, it adds to the nuttiness and texture beautifully.
  4. Add or omit ingredients to suit your taste.

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