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Paneer Salad (Keto Friendly)

Paneer, single-handedly has to be one of the best vegetarian fat source in a ketogenic meal. It’s the kind of ingredient that can help you hit your fat, protein macros for a meal while keeping things low carb. Also, it’s the softest, tastiest cheese ever! If you haven’t tasted paneer […]

Monthly Favourites

May Favourites

Phew! I am so glad the month has come and gone; it’s been a helluva busy one. The highlight of the month is me braving the ketogenic lifestyle. It’s has been good so far but I am taking a break from it for 3 weeks because a holiday at home, […]

Monthly Favourites

April Favourites

April has been a good month for me. It saw me being productive, goal-oriented and very focused. Things that I am not particularly great at but I am glad that it was the way it was. The highlight was a massive 4+kg weight loss! Even that doesn’t happen often. But […]


March (Shopping) Madness

This month I may have shopped a bit more than I planned for. It’s perhaps the result of no-spend Feb that I went CRAZY shopping this month. Sorry, bank balance! In my defence, I needed most of the things I had bought. Plus, they were cute! I love an in-store […]


My Top 6 Tokyo Food Finds

When I finalised my trip to Tokyo, which by the way was quite last minute, the first thing I did was looking up all the food. Tokyo is touted as one of the most exciting food destinations in the world, and you can you imagine my joy when I found […]