May Favourites

Phew! I am so glad the month has come and gone; it’s been a helluva busy one. The highlight of the month is me braving the ketogenic lifestyle. It’s has been good so far but I am taking a break from it for 3 weeks because a holiday at home, in Chennai. I would love to commit to it more seriously upon my return. For now, I am going to leave you with these things I have loved in May.

Imagine: Australia’s Own

AO Dark Chocolate Almond MilkAO AKA Australia’s Own has my complete and utter loyalty! I by chance picked up the Dark Chocolate on a special in Coles and it was love. It is delicious, thick and very chocolatey.This is perfect for my ketogenic way of eating (I am not calling it a diet deliberately), it’s low in carbohydrates and makes a decent, occasional chocolate treat for when I am craving one.I use it in my protein shakes, chia pudding and even drink it just by itself. Yumm! The only downside is that a 1 litre bottle retails for $6.60, which is quite steep for almond milk. I picked up nearly half a dozen of them when they were on a half price special.If that was a bit of a dampener, may I delight you with some good news? The brand offers other flavours like Cofee and Salted Caramel and these are just as delicious as the Dark Chocolate variant.


Finders Keepers Market, Sydney

I have always fancied painstakingly handcrafted things. I love the uniqueness value handmade goodies come with. You can read about my handmade goodies haul here.
Imagine my joy when Finders Keepers was coming to Sydney for their Autumn/Winter 2018 Market!

For those who are unfamiliar with Finders Keepers, it is a makers’ market featuring local Australian independent designers and artists. The market is held in other cities in the country too.

This was my first time at the market and it was incredible to see so many talented makers and artists gathered in one place. Jewellery, clothes, stationary, baby clothes and accessories, homemade preserves, pickles and sauces, indigenous art, stoneware and more were on display. With all the temptation around me, it was hard to walk away without buying anything. I bought myself a stoneware mug, jewellery organiser, sauces and an organic and cruelty-free deodorant paste.


Image: Wikipedia


Sometimes, Netflix

This is a thrilling story about 7 strangers whose lives converge in a diagnostic centre when they await their fates to know if they are tested positive for AIDS.

Sometimes (Original title: Sila Samayangalil), written and directed by Priyadarshan, is brilliant. It’s a simple story line with the what-happens-next factor. I was intrigued. The main characters including Prakash Raj, MS Bhaskar, Ashok Selvan and more have done absolute justice to their roles. The acting is so convincing and the story line thrilling to the point that the 7 people’s anxiety to know their results is palpable.No violence, no gory scenes but this movie will leave you hooked.

The movie is in Tamil but Netflix has the option to use subtitles.

Image: Wikipedia


Let Me by Zayn

Can’t stop listening to the song; it is simply amazing. Zayn certainly fits better as a solo artiste than just another face in a boyband. Call me cheesy but I kinda like the lyrics too.

It is a refreshing tune among the dancey, electronic music that is doing the rounds. It has this old school, 90s pop music vibe about it, and I love it. Eyeroll all you like but ‘let me’ (ha! See what I did there? 😉) assure you that if you enjoy 90s pop music, you’ll totally like this one!

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