A luxurious curry that is a perfect marriage of cream, paneer and methi (fenugreek leaves). This is a variation of one of my favourite offerings from Indian restaurants – Methi Malai Matar.
The addition of matar AKA green peas is absolutely divine but on a ketogenic lifestyle, one has to get creative with their favourite dishes and give their own spin to make it keto friendly. I did exactly that. In all honesty, it tastes just as good as its non-keto variant.
Last week, I showed some of my Instagram followers a detailed recipe for this dish on the Stories. I have put it all together for you in a video format. It was prepared in real time and it received a lot of positive feedback for being easy to prepare.
Presenting to you, Methi Malai Paneer’s step-by-step recipe in a video! Please excuse the noise that you hear in between each step. Thanks to the series of video stories I posted on Insta!

Makhani Veg Curry


Two magical words. Buttery. Curry.  Mmmmm…that’s right, beautiful combination of vegetables are married together with a buttery sauce to make an absolutely delicious dish. Spoon it with hot rice or mop it up with naan, you’ll be hit with the buttery deliciousness of the curry.
There is very minimal use of spice powders in the recipe as I have left the flavour heavy lifting with the Makhani Sauce, The sauce makes the base of the curry and bring together the vegetables and the spices.

What’s a good curry without a good base to give it that depth and intense flavour? There are so many different bases or sauces to make a killer curry! You will find that in most curries tomatoes, spices and chilli are regular additions.
Tomatoes when cooked with the right spices can give you the most delicious-tasting basis for the much-loved curries. There are numerous combinations of spices you could bring together to create a sensational base sauce for a curry.
Here is my humble offering of a delectable curry sauce that will make your dishes taste heaps better. Makhani simply means buttery (of butter too). It’s hard not to drool as I am typing this. As the name suggests, it’s all the good stuff – creamy, buttery, and bloody yummy! If you have been making curries out of the readymade sauces, try this and you will never go back those artificial-tasting stuff!
I use this sauce to make paneer, mixed vegetables, chickpea curries and have even made an Indianised take on a pasta bake! The creamy, buttery sauce renders the dishes a whole new dimension.

Happy Deepavali! Hope you are having the most amazing one with family and loved ones.
This deepavali, I was stumped for ideas for sweets to consume while on the keto lifestyle. I even toyed with the idea of having the Choc Chia Pudding or Berries & Cream Chia Pudding but what’s an Indian festival without an Indian sweet, ey?
After a quick squiz in the fridge and pantry, I realised that I could put together a simple yet yummy kesari. In my home, growing up, kesari was one of those quick-fix sweets for when guests arrived unexpectedly or when that sweet craving hits at an ungodly hour. Not much has changed clearly with the whole last-minute sweet scrambling!
I was mighty pleased with the final output. So presenting to you the keto kesari for the sweet factor to your healthy meals without hampering your macros.

Paneer Salad


Paneer, single-handedly has to be one of the best vegetarian fat source in a ketogenic meal. It’s the kind of ingredient that can help you hit your fat, protein macros for a meal while keeping things low carb. Also, it’s the softest, tastiest cheese ever! If you haven’t tasted paneer before, what are you doing?! You are most certainly missing out.

Cauliflower is one of the most preferred vegetable sources for the ketogenic and low carb lifestyles. The cruciferous vegetable is a powerhouse of nutrition, loaded with the vitamin and mineral goodness. A bit of Google research also tells me that it has a host of other things that make it one of the most nutritious vegetables whether you follow a ketogenic lifestyle or not.
Aside from being a hero vegetable, I find cauliflower versatile for so many dishes – pizza base, cauliflower fried ‘rice’, curry, Cauli ‘mac’ n cheese, roasted, in a soup…I can do this all day! Is there anything that cauliflower can’t do? Lol.
While the thought of cauliflower rice and pizza sounds incredible, all that I crave for sometimes is a simple dish made with the vegetable.

Being on a ketogenic lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sweet things. What if I told you you could enjoy a dessert-like dish for breakfast? That’s right, a breakfast that can easily pass for dessert, the Berries & Cream Chia Pudding is the bee’s knees!

You can’t really go wrong with the berries and cream combination, add the mix chia pudding and you get the dreamiest and creamiest brekkies of them all!

Incredibly easy to put together and with just 6 ingredients, it doesn’t get much simpler than this! This is a go-to breakfast in my home and I prepare it overnight for a grab-and-go breakfast. 

Comfort food does not get better than this delicious North Indian curry. Soft paneer cooked in a rich and creamy spinach gravy, this versatile curry makes a perfect accompaniment to naans, rice, rotis or just on its own.

Palak paneer gets made at home quite often. It makes one of the quickest weeknight dinners. Even more so with me following the ketogenic way of eating, this curry has become a staple. It is perfect to hit the fat macros and to consume greens for the day. I love that I can bulk up the fat macros by adding more paneer/cream/butter. To me, this is a meal in a bowl and don’t need anything to mop up the curry with.

Note: The recipe’s ingredients are created with a ketogenic and low carb diet in mind. Tweak the fat components if you do not want a very rich curry. Increase the spinach and vegetable quantities to suit your dietary needs.

After toying with the idea of making a video recipe for the longest time, I have finally decided to take the plunge and do it! This is my very first attempt at making one, and hope you enjoy it.

I have chosen a simple recipe to kick start a series (hopefully!) of video recipes. This is a go-to egg curry recipe in my home. This has become a regular feature in my meal plans since starting the ketogenic way of life. A great low-carb curry delivering the goods. Ticks the box for flavour, nutrition and wholesomeness.

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes, please! This chocolate-flavoured chia pudding is filling, nutritious and 100% delicious.
The good fats for the pudding comes from chia, and rendering its chocolatey flavour is the cacao, rich in anti-oxidants and micronutrients! Chia seeds are filling, tasty and in combination with the cacao makes one of the easiest and tastiest keto breakfasts ever.
Come at me, chocolate goodness!