Tag: Dips

Herb Vinaigrette

Finally, spring has sprung upon us after an extended winter in Sydney. Spring in this amazing city is nothing short of glorious; clear blue skies, flowers in full bloom and the pleasantly sunny days are a few of my favourite things about the season. My husband and I decided to […]

Low Fat Curried Yoghurt Dip

The versatile yoghurt comes to the rescue when you want something delish, nutritious creamy and not very fattening. This time the humble yoghurt comes in the form of a spicy, curried, low-fat dip. This dip is simple to put together, requires very few ingredients, tastes fabulous and keeps well in […]


The first time I heard about it was on this TV show Chuck’s Day Off on TLC. From the very mention of it, tzatziki caught my fancy – I can’t really say if it the fascinating name, the simplicity of its preparation or its amazing taste. But it truly did […]