Spicy Hummus (Without Tahini)

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip made with chickpeas and a few tasty ingredients. Typically, hummus has tahini (sesame paste). I do not enjoy tahini so I decide to skip it from the dip.

This easy and versatile dip tastes great with crudités, pita bread, chips, salads and wraps.

Hummus is forgiving when it comes to flavours; it adapts to most ingredients you add to it. I wanted something spicy, and I used a fresh jalapeño for the spicy kick.

My favourite way to consume hummus? With crunchy crudités.


  • Chickpeas – 1 can or 1 cup boiled chickpeas
  • Lemon juice – 1/2 tblspn
  • Garlic – 2 cloves, peeled
  • Salt – To taste
  • Olive oil – 1 tblspn + 2 tspns for serving
  • Jalapeño – 1, stem removed, de-seeded and de-veined
  • Paprika – 1 pinch


  1. If you’re using canned chickpeas, drain the brine, clean it and keep aside.
  2. In a clean and dry blending jar, add all the ingredients except paprika. Blend it to a smooth paste.
  3. If required, add a little more oil to aid the blending process. Avoid using water to grind it.
  4. Scoop out the hummus and place it in a serving cup, drizzle some olive oil. Sprinkle the paprika and serve fresh.


  1. If you can’t find fresh jalapeños, used the pickled ones or green chillies.
  2. If you are not a fan of spicy dips, omit the jalapeños. Add flavourings like parsley, coriander or mint.
  3. I added paprika for the smoky flavour, you could add cayenne pepper, black pepper powder or red chilli powder.

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