Mediterranean Melt Two Ways

Put your hands in the air if you enjoy a wholesome, healthy meal, which is easy to put together! The Mediterranean melt is one such meal that is a whole package containing carbs, proteins, good fats, vitamins and other micro-nutrients. As an added bonus, this can be done in a two ways to suit dietary preferences and is super tasty! What’s not to love?


With Pita Bread (Serves 2)
– Pita bread (or you could use any flat bread of your choice) – 2
– Garlic – 3 cloves, minced
– Tomatoes – 2, thinly sliced
– Onion – ½, thinly sliced
– Capsicum – ½, deseeded and thinly sliced
– Sliced black olives (optional) – ¼ cuo
– Spinach – ½ cup
– Feta cheese – 2 to 3 Tblspns.
– Plain yoghurt or Greek yoghurt – ¼ cup
– Chilli flakes (optional) – 1 tspn
– Salt and pepper – To taste
– Olive oil – 2 tspns.
With Lettuce leaves as base
– Use all ingredients except the pita bread or flat bread.
-Replace the breads with lettuce leaves that are wide enough to use a wrap or roll. Ideally, ice berg lettuce works or even cabbage leaves should do.


In a bowl, whisk the yoghurt smooth.

Crumble feta into the bowl and mix well.

Add the chilli flakes, salt and pepper. Mix well to combine the ingredients.

As feta is already salty, ensure you do not add to much salt.

Heat oil in a pan, toss in the garlic and onions. Sauté them for about 20 seconds.

Add the tomatoes and capsicum, mix and cook for about a minute.

Do not overcook it as it will become soggy to have it with a wrap.

Just cook them enough to make them slightly soft.

Toast your pita bread and keep aside.

To assemble, lay the toasted pita bread.

Start with spinach leaves.

Top it with the sautéed vegetables.

Drizzle a generous quantity of the yoghurt and feta cheese dressing.

Optionally, sprinkle salt and pepper and serve warm.

For the lettuce leaves:

Directly follow the assembling method, omitting the bread and use the lettuce/cabbage leaves instead. Roll or fold the leaves to use as a wrap.

Serve warm.


– This is not ideal to make ahead as the ingredients will make the bread/ lettuce soggy and damp. Serve this fresh and warm.
– If you can’t find feta cheese, just use yoghurt.
– If you do not enjoy raw spinach, sauté it along with the other vegetables. Don’t wilt them.
– For a little tang, squeeze half a lemon
– To jazz it up, you could add seasonings like dukkah spice, sumac or other seasoning ingredients of your choice.


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