March Favourites

The past month, I’ve shopped up a storm. You’ll know if you checked out my Shopping Haul post. There are other things besides shopping that I’ve also done including a trip to Japan! No prizes for guessing that my holiday featured in this month’s favourite alongside a few others. Business […]

New Beginnings…

Kitchening About started as a Facebook Page or a micro food blog as I’d like to call it in 2013. I sincerely believe that there is nothing that good food can’t make better. I associate food with some of the best memories in life.  I even go to bed excited about […]

Aloo Methi

This Punjabi dish is a marriage of earthy potatoes and aromatic methi (fenugreek leaves). When combined with spices, they make the perfect combination. Methi’s specialty is its bitterness but don’t be put off by it, the potatoes and spices beautifully complement the flavour. The nutritious green leaves and add so […]

Potato & Leek Soup (Pressure-cooked)

A classic soup, it is made with potatoes and leek, a match made in heaven. This velvety smooth and creamy soup will find its way into your heart at the very first sip. Potato and leek soup is simple yet hearty with beautiful flavours that blend well together. Served with […]

Nutella and Almond Puff

I am super thrilled to let you know that Kitchening About was invited to write a blog for Dhanya Samuel’s blog Skinny Chef de Cuisine. Food is just a fantastic ice breaker, and Dhanya and I met each other through one of the many food groups we are part of. […]

Roasted Capsicum and Tomato Soup

Red hot soup it is for Valentine’s Day! The smoky, sweet and sour taste of roasted capsicum and tomatoes in the soup is perfect for the day of love. This healthy and yummy soup will make your meal a little bit more special.  

Carrot and Coriander Soup

A warm cup of soup is undeniably the most popular comfort food. For me, it certainly is. Soup elevates my mood and makes my meal complete. I have combined juicy carrots and fresh coriander to make this delicious soup. Care for some? Tips: You could add curry powder, cumin powder […]