South Indian Brunch Idea with3 Yummy & Easy Coconut Chutney Recipes for Idly, Dosa

3 Yummy & Easy Coconut Chutney Recipes for Idly, Dosa


Here are 3 Yummy & Easy Coconut Chutney Recipes for Idly, Dosa or your favourite tiffin. Lift your breakfast/tiffin game with these simple and delicious chutney recipes, which are easy to make and serve.

It is a common sight in many South Indian restaurants to be served a colourful chutney, which sometimes may be tri-coloured; typically, orange, white and green to represent the gorgeous colours of the Indian flag. Besides looking lovely, these chutneys are a delightful addition to the actual meal it is served with.

Coconut based chutneys are most preferred condiments both at restaurants and home. It is simply because coconut is easily available, nutritious, and makes a versatile ingredient to create a whole bunch of amazing sweet and savoury dishes. In my case too, I enjoy using coconut and love it especially in chutneys.

Coconut is of course the hero of the 3 Yummy & Easy Coconut Chutney Recipes for Idly, Dosa but you could add or swap out ingredients to suit your family’s taste. That according to me is the best part! Make it your own with your spin on it.

Tempering for the 3 Yummy & Easy Coconut Chutney Recipes for Idly, Dosa

While the hissing drizzle of the tadka or tempering is optional, however, in my opinion is a quintessential part of these 3 Yummy & Easy Coconut Chutney Recipes for Idly, Dosa. What is so special about that, I can hear you ask. I am glad you did!

Firstly, tadka looks pretty ornamental on a predominantly monotoned chutney. Secondly, the texture and taste it renders the condiment is something else. The crisp mustard seeds, lentils and dried chillies adds that pizzaz to these already delicious chutnies.

Check out my absolute favourite selection of 3 Yummy & Easy Coconut Chutney Recipes for Idly, Dosa

Onion Coconut Chutney


This condiment is inspired by the super delicious chutney served in Guest Hotel, Chennai. This small, old restaurant has been a family favourite for years. It’s one of our go-to eateries for breakfast. If I am being completely honest with you, they serve three delicious chutneys, which is the real lure!

So, here is my very deeply inspired version of the chutney. It’s a delicious change from the classic coconut chutney for dosai and idlies. The onion coconut chutney is a jazzed-up version of its classic variant and is a crowd pleaser.

Scoop some of this chutney with soft idly or crispy dosai or mix it with hot rice and sesame oil. Whichever way you choose to consume the chutney, it will make your meal extra yummy!

Kothamalli Chutney (Coriander Coconut Chutney)


Kothamalli Chutney
Coconut Coriander Chutney

It is amazing how a combination of simple ingredients elevate your meal to a whole new level. Coconut chutney especially for tiffin is a classic combination that I will never be bored eating. This kothamalli chutney is a coconut chutney variant that is a delicious, light and convenient condiment for idlis and dosai or any other breakfast/tiffin.

Kothamalli (coriander) and coconut form the base of this chutney and is super simple to make; needless to say, it is absolutely delicious. Check out the detailed recipe here or the video recipe for the chutney here.

Coconut Chutney


This classic Coconut Chutney is a South Indian condiment, which pairs wonderfully with idly/dosai/Adai and more.

This simple chutney is easy to whip up, vegan and the best accompaniment for South Indian staple breakfasts and tiffin.

Each person has their own style of making this classic recipe. Some prefer a sizeable quantity of coconut, some like it less and some like a good balance of roasted gram and coconut. Just know that there is no such thing as that one authentic recipe when it comes to Coconut Chutney. In whatever proportion you add the ingredients, it tastes just as amazing. It all boils down to individual or family’s taste.

In this recipe, I have shared the quantities that have worked for my taste. Picky husband loves it too!


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